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Vectra Corporation

Vectra Corporation is a specialist cyber security company providing cyber security consulting services, managed security services and security solutions throughout Asia-Pacific since 2001.

Vectra Corporation Chief Security Officer Kelvin Heath Vectra Corporation Chief Security Officer Kelvin HeathSpecialist cyber security company Vectra Corporation has made IBM’s industry-leading QRadar Security Intelligence system affordable for small to medium enterprises by delivering it as a managed service.

IBM QRadar is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system that provides intelligent insights which enable security teams to detect threats accurately across the enterprise and respond quickly to reduce the impact of incidents.

Vectra, which has provided cyber security consulting services, managed security services and security solutions throughout Asia Pacific since 2001, has worked closely with IBM this year to make QRadar accessible to companies and organisations lacking the internal resources to deploy and manage it.

Vectra’s Active Defence delivers IBM QRadar as a managed service to solve the dual problem of the high cost of implementing an enterprise system and the scarcity and expense of security experts. Active Defence replaces the upfront capital cost and complexity of configuring and managing IBM QRadar by offering it as a service for a monthly fee that delivers the benefits without the overheads.

Vectra provides Active Defence to numerous organisations throughout Australia, ranging from financial sector organisations to charities.

Vectra Corporation Chief Security Officer Kelvin Heath said Vectra’s Active Defence service put IBM QRadar within the reach of most organisations. “IBM QRadar is the worldwide-leading SIEM solution that monitors critical security activities across all environments regardless of their location, whether it be cloud, hosted or on premise,” he said.

Quality standard ISO 9001Vectra Corporation has successfully certified that its operations comply with three global standards for environmental sustainability, quality management and Occupational Health & Safety.

Vectra picked up its green tick in October last year when SAI Global certified its operations to environmental standard AS/ISO 14001, the globally relevant standard for organisations that are committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner.

SAI Global went on to certify Vectra’s quality systems against the AS/ISO 9001 quality standard in December last year and against the AS/ISO 18001 standard for OH&S in January this year.

The eight-month certification process has formalised many procedures that were already standard at Vectra to ensure that events are recorded and measured and required actions are taken. These procedures include recycling all computers rather than sending them to landfill and reducing waste generation by recycling all paper, cardboard and boxes.

Environment standard ISO 14001Vectra’s certification achievements were major milestones in its establishment of a Quality Management System that covers its environmental impact, quality controls and OH&S processes.

Vectra Corporation Accounts Officer, William Smerdon, who is closely involved with running the company’s Quality Management System, said the key to the system’s success was Vectra’s staff. “The people who work here are the driving forces as they are the ones that help build the system through their input,” he said.

Vectra Corporation has provided vital technology skills and services for Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd (MMAL) during five years of rapid change for the company.

Following a switch to a solely importing model in  2008, Mitsubishi sells and services more than 60,000 new cars a year in Australia, employing about 230 people nationally.

The Adelaide-based company also supports about 215 licensed Mitsubishi dealers throughout the country, maintaining its role as an important part of the Australian automotive landscape.

In 2004, Mitsubishi outsourced its mainframe and midrange computer operation and maintenance to Vectra Corporation in order to gain cost-effective access to a wider range of specialist skills.

Mitsubishi’s Head of Information Services Alan Gilbie said Vectra had worked successfully for the company on a service-based support contract. “This relationship has worked really well for us,” he said.

Austraining International COO Ray AshInternational aid organisation Austraining International has turbocharged its information systems infrastructure since selecting Vectra Corporation as its technology partner in early 2009.

In the words of its external auditors, Austraining had previously run “Ferrari technology” that delivered “Volkswagen performance” due to constraints imposed by internal IT support services.

Since Vectra got behind the wheel of its IT systems, Austraining has achieved significant productivity improvements including greater website uptime, easier remote access, reduced downtime from unplanned disruptions and standardised solutions to problems that were previously handled individually.

Austraining Chief Operating Officer Ray Ash indicated that IT costs had reduced since Vectra came on board. “We’re making the best use of our infrastructure now,” he said.

“Rather than a big cost increase through the need to buy extra servers, there have been efficiencies and savings.”