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Lifeflow Meditation Centre

Lifeflow logoLifeflow Meditation Centre is a non-profit, independent organisation established in Adelaide in 1981. Our purpose is to provide the tools and support so people can live a fulfilling life, imbued with clarity and love, and can act with wisdom and kindness. Learn more at

John Burston:
Microdoses of mindfulness free you from ‘fight or flight’ panic mode by connecting your mind with your body to calm your emotions and think more clearly.
While we celebrate Christmas as a time of families, fun and feasting, it’s also a tough time for many.

As well as the usual loneliness, it’s even easier this year to be overwhelmed by stress as inflation-fuelled price rises and fear of the growing wave of COVID infections assail families and individuals.

“While it’s hard to control what happens to you or your family during the Christmas season, you can learn how to respond more calmly to those events,” advises Lifeflow Mediation Centre Director of Teaching John Burston.

“Mindfulness can’t change how other people behave or the events that occur, but it can help you to manage your emotions better. Instead of being trapped in your worried thoughts, mindfulness frees you from ‘fight or flight’ panic mode by connecting your mind with your body to calm your emotions and think more clearly.

Graham Williams at Tara Hils 2 WEB 2Lifeflow founder Dr Graham WilliamsAfter Australian divorces surged during the pandemic, a Buddhist monk is showing South Australian singles and couples how meditation can enrich their sexuality at an Adelaide Hills event this weekend.

Dr Graham Williams, a Buddhist monk trained in the Tibetan and Burmese meditation traditions, said the pandemic, especially lockdowns, had placed extra stress on relationships since the start of 2020.

Earlier this year, the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia reported it had received 47,016 divorce applications during the 2021-22 financial year, after 49,625 in the previous financial year. Both years marked a large rise on the 2018-19 financial year when there were 44,432 divorce applications.

Graham said stress was known to negatively impact both mind and body during sex. “Stress can increase your body’s production of cortisol, the stress hormone known to reduce libido,” he said.

Lifeflow Meditatioin Centre founder Graham Williams Lifeflow Meditatioin Centre founder Graham Williams Adelaide’s Lifeflow Meditation Centre this month celebrates 40 years since it was founded, an anniversary that coincides with National Mental Health Month in Australia and an epidemic of mental health problems arising from the pandemic.

Lifeflow Meditation Centre was established on October 14, 1981, by classically trained pianist and ordained Buddhist monk Dr Graham Williams, who still leads the Frewville-based organisation.

During the past four decades, Lifeflow has provided thousands of South Australians with techniques to calm inner turmoil and focus their energies on achieving their personal goals without conflict. A significant number of Lifeflow graduates have achieved internationally successful musical careers.