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Quality standard ISO 9001Vectra Corporation has successfully certified that its operations comply with three global standards for environmental sustainability, quality management and Occupational Health & Safety.

Vectra picked up its green tick in October last year when SAI Global certified its operations to environmental standard AS/ISO 14001, the globally relevant standard for organisations that are committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner.

SAI Global went on to certify Vectra’s quality systems against the AS/ISO 9001 quality standard in December last year and against the AS/ISO 18001 standard for OH&S in January this year.

The eight-month certification process has formalised many procedures that were already standard at Vectra to ensure that events are recorded and measured and required actions are taken. These procedures include recycling all computers rather than sending them to landfill and reducing waste generation by recycling all paper, cardboard and boxes.

Environment standard ISO 14001Vectra’s certification achievements were major milestones in its establishment of a Quality Management System that covers its environmental impact, quality controls and OH&S processes.

Vectra Corporation Accounts Officer, William Smerdon, who is closely involved with running the company’s Quality Management System, said the key to the system’s success was Vectra’s staff. “The people who work here are the driving forces as they are the ones that help build the system through their input,” he said.

”Vectra has taken all necessary steps to ensure quality, environmental and OHS compliance. We have put our employees through training courses and done some ‘in house’ training as well. Without staff input, any system is pretty ineffective. We have put a lot of effort into educating our staff on the benefits of the system and how they can help to run and improve it.

“The fact that we have been certified to these standards shows that we run a business with effective controls, are conscious of our environmental impacts and are committed to ensuring the safety of our staff.”

The certification process entitles Vectra to display the green Environment, red Quality and yellow OH&S Certified Systems compliance logos from SAI Global.

OH&S standard ISO 18001For more information about Vectra Corporation’s accreditations and capabilities, visit www.vectra-corp.com.


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