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Vectra Corporation has provided vital technology skills and services for Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd (MMAL) during five years of rapid change for the company.

Following a switch to a solely importing model in  2008, Mitsubishi sells and services more than 60,000 new cars a year in Australia, employing about 230 people nationally.

The Adelaide-based company also supports about 215 licensed Mitsubishi dealers throughout the country, maintaining its role as an important part of the Australian automotive landscape.

In 2004, Mitsubishi outsourced its mainframe and midrange computer operation and maintenance to Vectra Corporation in order to gain cost-effective access to a wider range of specialist skills.

Mitsubishi’s Head of Information Services Alan Gilbie said Vectra had worked successfully for the company on a service-based support contract. “This relationship has worked really well for us,” he said.

“Vectra is very dependable. One measure of this is its flexibility in task and priority scheduling. We are an organisation going through rapid change, so this flexibility is very important to us.

“Our relationship with Vectra as an organisation started five years ago when some long-standing MMAL employees went to Vectra. They hit the ground running for us.

“In many ways since then, the on-site Vectra team has aligned quite closely with Mitsubishi Australia’s business goals as well. This shows when we hit bumps in a project: When we need to work extraordinary hours, the Vectra team is as committed to delivering the project as we are.”

Vectra Corporation is responsible for the operational support of Mitsubishi’s IBM zOS-based mainframe computers and AIX mid-range systems. Vectra has also provided support for the company’s design system and has undertaken selected project work for Mitsubishi Australia.

Mr. Gilbie said Vectra has supported Mitsubishi’s transition as its business model evolved. “Vectra has shown itself to be a reliable and trusted partner,” he said.

“Vectra has great reliability and flexibility and we have a great relationship with them.”

Mr. Gilbie said Mitsubishi was also beginning to explore new directions with Vectra. “For example, we are now starting to review Vectra’s information security services,” he said.

“With the changes we are experiencing, we are seeing greater exposure to Internet services and a mobile workforce. That has encouraged us to review our security polices. We have just started to talk to Vectra about that. They are giving us advice and we will see where that takes us.

“The relationship has taken five years to mature to the stage it is currently at. At the start, we had to come to terms with each other’s culture and setting the right expectations. Five years later, that has evolved into a mature and successful working relationship.”

For more information about Vectra Corporation, visit www.vectra-corp.com.


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