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Impress Media Australia is an Adelaide-based public relations agency that helps smart companies get their message across. For more than 25 years, Impress Media has worked with businesses ranging from startups to ASX-listed companies to communicate through the media, the Internet and direct marketing, Impress Media services include press release development and distribution; media lobbying; website content editing; speechwriting; newsletter stories and developing technical white papers. 

For more information, visit http:/ or contact Managing Director John Harris by phone +61 8 8431 400 or email

Impress Media AustraliaImpress Media Australia is an Australian Public Relations agency that provides specialist communication services for successful companies in the green technology (cleantech) sector. There are many reasons for choosing Impress Media:

  1. We have more than 0 years experience in Public Relations
  2. You deal directly with the founder and managing director John Harris
  3. No monthly retainers
  4. We have no conflicts of interest - you have the right of refusal over actual or prospective rivals
  5. We specialise in assisting green technology (cleantech( and information technology & telecom (IT&T) companies
  6. We find interesting stories among your ordinary daily activities
  7. We help you tell your story in the most interesting and relevant way
  8. We can explain complex technical concepts in simple English
  9. We’ll tell you straight if Public Relations is not able to achieve your objectives
  10. Journalists throughout Australia regularly seek input from Impress Media
  11. We send your press releases to targeted media throughout Australia and even overseas
  12. We publish your press releases on our website, which is rapidly indexed by Google
  13. All press releases published on also appear in Google News
  14. All press releases are published in our weekly Impress News newsletter
  15. Our case studies explain how your business solves problems for your customers
  16. We can help CEOs get their message across, in press releases and in speeches
  17. We help you develop a communication strategy to cope with a crisis in your business
  18. We keep detailed meeting notes of client contact to ensure accurate communication
  19. We give you easy access to photographers, cameramen and event organisers
  20. We provide publicity reports containing details of where stories about you appear
  21. The best reason for choosing Impress Media is what our clients say about us

For more information about Impress Media, call John Harris on 08 8431 4000 or email


Managing Director John Harris
Phone +61 8 8431 4000

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John Harris has nearly four decades experience working in the communication industry, holding senior roles in the media and in Public Relations. Since establishing Impress Media Australia in 1991, he has developed and implemented media strategies for many entrepreneurial businesses. He has also contributed articles to newspapers and magazines in Australia and New Zealand. John regularly receives commissions to write technology documents for major organisations that want to communicate the business value of their solutions.