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Pottinger Joint CEO Cassandra KellyStrategic and financial advisory firm Pottinger has established a Singapore presence in response to strong Asia-Pacific demand for its services, including a notable success with the Chinese Government.

Pottinger, established 10 years ago by Nigel Lake and Cassandra Kelly, will use the Singapore company as a flagship for new international business and to service current clients in China, Japan, the Middle East and the US.

Nigel LakeNigel Lake, Joint CEO of strategic and financial advisory firm Pottinger, warns that conventional business decision-making is stifling innovation and threatening successful businesses with disaster.

Nigel, a regular business commentator on ABC TV and radio, said although applying scientific method and economic theory to business has brought much needed rigour to business decision-making, this had come at a price. “It has also stifled innovation and encouraged tactics so short term that some of the world's largest companies have been destroyed in a matter of months or even weeks,” he says.

Pottinger Joint CEO Cassandra KellyStrategic and financial advisory firm Pottinger has launched a Strategic Analytics division to enable clients to bring greater clarity to complex decisions without the delays and overheads of Big Data. 

Pottinger’s team can identify information hidden in swamp of data that companies wade through daily to shine a bright light on where value lies without incurring the multi-million-dollar costs of Big Data.

Cassandra KellyPottinger Joint CEO Cassandra Kelly has called on board quotas for women so Australia can embrace diversity and boost productivity to deal with its current economic challenges.

In an address to a Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) conference last week, Ms. Kelly said Australia needed to focus on more than primary resources to underpin its long-term economic and social prosperity. Other pillars of strength could include financial services, agriculture, education, inbound tourism, and innovation and technology.