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Adelaide courier company Aceit Transport Solutions has more than doubled its turnover in the past three years using state-of-the-art technology developed by Australian transport specialist JAIX Software.

Aceit uses the JAIX MetroLink software, which includes GPS (Global Positioning System) and digital communications technology, to manage its fleet of more than 90 couriers. This has allowed the company to boost deliveries by more than 20 per cent in the past year.

During 2007, JAIX has provided Aceit with a new generation of smart software that integrates satellite navigation and digital communications technology into a system that makes life easier for Aceit, its couriers and their customers. The GPS version of MetroLink provides:

  • Customers with self-service via the Internet for placing bookings and job “track and trace”

  • Couriers with handheld computers that seamlessly record every delivery detail, and

  • Dispatchers with GPS map-based tracking of every courier, customer and booking.

Executive Summary
Adelaide courier company Aceit Transport Solutions has more than doubled its turnover in three years using state-of-the-art logistics technology developed by Australian transport specialist JAIX Software. With the fully integrated JAIX MetroLink software, Aceit uses GPS (Global Positioning System) and digital communications technology to manage its fleet of more than 90 couriers, boosting its deliveries by more than 20 per cent in the past year. JAIX also provides Aceit customers with the facility to place and trace orders via the Aceit website (www.aceittrans.com.au), a breakthrough that has transformed the Aceit Dispatch room from an adrenaline-driven nerve centre to an office epitomised by quiet efficiency.

“What really makes the difference is having more relevant creatives, so that people are more likely to click on our ads. This translates to many more conversions within the same budget. The key improvement is that we’ve spent money on promoting the actual car listings available on Drive.com.au which improves both the user experience and conversion.”

Kylie Gore, Drive.com.au


Online car sales site Drive.com.au


Drive.com.au’s key objective was to build Search Engine Marketing creatives and keywords for used car listings in Google AdWords campaigns while meeting volume and cost-per-unique-visitor targets.



After deploying the Australian-developed Dynamic Creative software, Drive.com.au was able to quickly create and optimise granular search engine ad campaigns with a high quality Google score.


Drive.com.au created an additional 250,000 keywords and associated creatives which went live within two months, extending campaigns to take advantage of the ‘long tail’ of ads that match specific used-car listings. Drive.com.au was also able to measure results such as boosting productivity by hundreds of per cent, increasing click volumes and decreasing cost per click (CPC) by 30 per cent. 

Dynamic Creative:

e-channel online is a leading search engine marketing company founded in 1999 in Melbourne. e-channel online has leveraged its knowledge, history and experience to develop Dynamic Creative, a powerful, patented search engine marketing campaign optimisation tool.  Dynamic Creative solves challenges faced by all search engine marketing: in particular, the need to quickly optimise granular ad campaigns with a high Google quality score. The product can deliver immediate benefits to organisations that run large database-driven websites, such as travel, classifieds, online auction and retail websites. Learn more at http://www.e-channel.com.au/.


Kelvin HeathAsia-Pacific information security company Vectra Corporation has recruited an aspiring “iron man” and former EDS executive who held the role of IT Chief Security Officer for the Commonwealth Bank as a Senior Security Consultant at its Sydney office.

Kelvin Heath, a keen triathlete who was previously regional compliance manager for EDS, will provide IT security advice to Vectra clients with a focus on assisting them to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) V1.1, established in late 2006 by all major credit card brands.

Kelvin has a wealth of experience from throughout the IT sector including computer operator, programmer, analyst, IT auditor, audit manager and diverse security management roles. His qualifications include Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

Utilising his vast auditing and consulting experience in the financial services sector, Kelvin’s primary role is to provide PCI DSS audit, assessment and remediation assistance to Vectra clients.