iholderThe SA Government will offer thousands of its employees the chance to buy iholder, an innovative lightweight device that turns a notebook computer into a desktop unit for just $54.95.

Designed by South Australian entrepreneur Michael Zerman and industrial designer Michael Youds, the iholder portable computer stand addresses an increasing global OH&S concern about potential musculo-skeletal effects caused by long-term use of laptop computers.

Iholder’s first channel to market is Supply SA, part of Contract Services, a business unit within the Department for Administrative and Information Services (DAIS) in the South Australian Government. Supply SA delivers a range of stationery, hospital and general products to government agencies, benevolent organisations, schools and hospitals in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Michael Zerman said iholder provided the ideal solution for desktop-based notebook computing. “iholder raises a laptop's screen to a height where the user no longer has to hunch forward or bend their neck – improving posture and reducing work-related stress,” he said. “iholder is also the ideal stand for notebook-based presentations to small groups of people, eliminating the need to fuss with setting up cables and data-projectors.”

For years, ergonomic researchers and practitioners have argued that notebook designs violate a basic ergonomic requirement for a computer – that the keyboard and screen are separated. The resulting trade-off between poor neck/ head posture and poor hand/wrist posture can have both short and long-term consequences. These range from varying degrees of neck, shoulder, back or wrist discomfort to eye strain and headaches.

With laptops becoming the computing platform of choice for schools, universities, government departments and enterprise organisations, the iholder's simple solution to the laptop's fundamental ergonomic flaw is both timely and affordable. By raising the laptop screen to a less-stressful working height, and by allowing for the addition of an external movable keyboard and mouse, the iholder transforms the hunched conditions of a typical desk-bound laptop-user into a comfortable and productive workspace.

iholder® turning laptops into desktops

iholder® is a stand for portable computers - laptops, notebooks, mobiles and other desktop replacements. Designed for use with an external keyboard and mouse, it enhances functionality, improves user efficiency and contributes to the cooling of the portable computer. iholder® is made from stainless steel, has an adjustable arm and is easily stored in the side compartment of a computer carry bag. The design and configuration of this stand and its adjustable arm are protected by design patents and design registrations in the USA, Canada and Australia. iholder is a registered trademark. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

Contact: Michael Zerman
2/2 East Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000
P +61-8-8232-9372
F +61-8-8232-9009
E info@iholder.com


  • Dimensions (folded): 250mm (wide) x 230mm (high) x 50mm (deep).

  • Weight: 325g

  • Raises screen height by up to 180mm.

  • Desktop footprint is A4-sized, with enough room between the frame and leg to store a standard external keyboard when not in use.

  • Manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel (316, 304).

  • Manufacturers of the iholder are ISO 9001 certified.

  • Available in classic bright metal finish or powder-coated in stippled charcoal, matt white or soft blue.

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