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Craig WilkinsCraig WilkinsConservation SA CEO Craig Wilkins has slammed the potential $600 million price tag to investigate the idea of SA permanently storing high level radioactive waste from around the world.

Mr. Wilkins was responding to media reports that a consultant working on the Royal Commission has revealed that the State Government will need to find as much as $600 million to plan a nuclear waste dump - even if the project never gets off the ground.

"$600m is an extraordinary amount of money for taxpayers to spend on an idea that is very unlikely to proceed in the face of significant community opposition,” said Mr Wilkins.

Port Augusta expo to explore community concerns about proposed SA nuclear waste dump from September 2-4, 2016

Conservation SA CEO Craig WilkinsCommunity concern is mounting about plans to store high level radioactive waste above ground for years before building a proposed nuclear waste dump, warns Conservation SA CEO Craig Wilkins.

“From our public consultation, most people think this proposed dump is an 'out of sight, out of mind' idea, where we bury the waste deep in the outback and that’s it,” he said. “The reality is very different.

“The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission was very candid: The project only stacks up financially if we import and stockpile 50,000 tonnes of nuclear waste above ground for as long as 17 years before we can deposit it in an underground disposal site. Indeed, that ‘interim’ surface site will store tens of thousands of tonnes above ground for the next 100 years.

“So, we acquire the risk and responsibility for this nuclear waste before we know if we can actually build and operate the ultimate repository – let alone obtain community consent for it.

Moxitek founder Raaj MenonVeteran technology entrepreneur Raaj Menon has launched Moxitech, a startup software firm that aims to deliver the benefits of the connected world to even the smallest business.

Drawing on a team of more 100 software developers, graphic designers and marketing professionals, Moxitek develops applications, websites and online services without a scary price tag. Other services include search engine optimisation, mobile app development, video marketing, press releases and infographic design.

Raaj Menon said he had set up Moxitek to help businesses take the daunting leap across the digital divide. “We all use the Internet today, but many small and even large businesses are struggling to take full advantage of it,” he said.