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Alltraders is an Australian software development company that specialises in creating and hosting websites and developing customised software applications. Alltraders uses the Joomla! Content Management System to design easy-to-use and maintain business websites. www.alltraders.com

Michael O'LoughlinAdelaide IT entrepreneur Michael O’Loughlin spent nearly two days last week without food to raise funds for the World Vision 40 Hour Famine.

Michael started his embargo on eating after he was roped in to support enthusiastic youngsters in the youth group of his local church who want to make the world a better place.

Michael said his 40-hour fast was intended to raise awareness as well as funds for World Vision. “I've decided to do my bit help bring hunger down by doing the 40 Hour Famine and raising money for World Vision's work in some of the poorest parts of the world,” he said.

“It seems a bit funny to try to reduce world hunger by going hungry, but it’s a great cause and I’ve had a lot of encouragement, much of it from friends who’ve informed me what they’re having for lunch.

Australian software developer Alltraders has appointed Eli Burford as the new manager of its web team, which designs and hosts websites using the Joomla! and WordPress content management systems.

Eli, who will retain his current senior designer duties, will lead a well-established department that consists of Web Developer Michael Garratt and Search Engine Optimisation expert August Boehm.

Jared Green, who previously led the web team, has joined the Alltraders Custom Software Division, where he plans to take full advantage of his software engineering skills.

Alltraders Chief Information Officer Michael O’Loughlin said this redeployment of resources aimed to meet demand for the company’s Custom Software development services. “The web division is a mature part of our revenue stream, whereas demand for our custom software is growing strongly,” he said.

Michael O'LoughlinAustralia Joomla! website hosting business Alltraders has launched two hassle-free maintenance packages to defend neglected websites against malicious attacks.

Alltraders Chief Information Officer Michael O’Loughlin said websites left unchecked for an extended period of time may contain identified security holes that had been publicly broadcast. “Transparency is one the greatest strengths of Open Source Software, but it is also a weakness,” he said.

“As security issues are located, they are broadcast to the community, leaving a paper trail with the aim to enhance the collective community knowledge. However, this information can also be used maliciously.

“While the security team at Joomla is constantly developing new updates to protect the community against these attacks, the key is knowing when and how to upgrade. The many extensions installed on the website also pose a risk if left unattended.

“After consultation with our clients, we have developed two packages to protect websites against malicious attacks by keeping them up to date - while leaving customers free to focus on their business.”

Australian software development company Alltraders has launched MiSys, a new Management Information System tailored for business.

MiSys is a complete management solution, allowing easy access to all aspects of a business's workflow, enquiries and quotes, resourcing and communication, and through to scheduling, reports and invoicing - all customisable to suit each business's needs.

Built with ease of use and function in mind, MiSys is outfitted with a highly responsive and powerful interface, a well thought out menu hierarchy, and interconnected management, accounting and reporting areas, providing business owners and staff with an efficient and time saving all-in-one management solution.

No matter the business type or workflow utilised in the workplace, MiSys's adaptability caters for both common and unique business workflows and models, allowing managers to easily track and optimise any aspect or requirement of their business, tailored for their needs.