Simon Hackett

Simon at Base64 3Simon Hackett is an Australian business leader who combines entrepreneurial energy with technical expertise. After building Internode into Australia's largest privately-owned broadband company, Simon sold Internode to iiNet Ltd, Australia’s second-largest provider of DSL broadband services. After serving as a non-executive director on the iiNet board for 18 months, Simon resigned that role in November 2013 to become a non-executive director of NBN Co, the government-owned company building the National Broadband Network. Simon has also invested in a number of innovative Australian start-up technology companies.

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AvSoft CEO Bevan AndersonThe internationally successful AvPlan software, which lets pilots replace bulky documentation and messy maps with an iPad, is now available in an entry-level version for Android devices.

The flagship AvPlan EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) is an iOS app that dramatically simplifies the process of preparing aircraft flight plans. Thousands of pilots in Australia, New Zealand and the United States already use AvPlan EFB.

Developed by AvSoft during the past nine months, the entry-level Android version, AvPlan Lite, has been tested by pilots in all three countries.

AvSoft CEO Bevan Anderson said Android provided a whole new platform for the AvPlan software. “We’re committed to keeping up the pace on iOS, but recognise many pilots are choosing Android devices,” he said.

Simon Hackett

  • Led by Australian business icon The Myer Family Investments Pty Ltd and Internode founder Simon Hackett
  • Capital to be applied to growth in booming Australian tech startup market 

Australian technology startup BlueChilli Group today announced it had closed a $5 million round of investment to speed the growth of providing services to early-stage technology startups, and to corporate customers seeking startup-like innovation.

The investment round is led by the Myer Family Investments and includes one of Adelaide’s most successful technology entrepreneurs, Internode founder Simon Hackett.

BlueChilli was founded in 2012 with the backing of original investor, Domenic Carosa’s Future Capital Development Fund. Future Capital’s equity will be acquired in this transaction. The valuation of the company as a result of this transaction has not been disclosed.

“We’re obviously excited to make this announcement,” said BlueChilli founder and CEO Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin. “While the scale of the investment may be the headline in the Australian startup community, it’s really who our new investors are which is the most significant aspect of the announcement.”

“Simon Hackett is one of Australia’s most successful technology entrepreneurs, and the Myer Family is one of Australia’s most iconic investing families. We’ve been able to demonstrate a uniquely viable model for creating a thriving portfolio of more than 40 new tech startups in two years. The investment signifies their support for our plans to scale our model here and overseas.”

Simon Hackett‘The best camera you have is the one you have with you’. It’s a popular phrase in photography. 

More often than not, the camera I have with me is the one in my iPhone 5s. I’ve been getting better (I claim!) at getting good (occasionally great) results out of it, and some friends asked me to write down some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned, that can help to get the best out of this tiny little camera.