AvPlan founder Bevan AndersonThe internationally successful AvPlan software, which allows pilots of high performance planes to use an iPad to prepare and file their aircraft flight plans in just minutes, is now available in the US.

Available from Apple’s AppStore, AvPlan EFB (Electronic Flight Book) is used by thousands of pilots internationally, including a rapidly growing number in North America. Founded in 2011 by pilot and software developer Bevan Anderson, AvPlanwww.avplan-efb.com is an iPad and iPhone-based app that dramatically simplifies the process of developing and filing aircraft flight plans. 

AvPlan EFB is the most complete portable flight planning and EFB app for the iPad and iPhone. Designed by US pilots for US pilots, AvPlan EFB acts as your personal flight briefing system.

AvPlan behaves like a Electronic Flight Plan in the cockpit, not just a GPS replacement or a moving map. Existing customers praise AvPlan as providing "the best of ForeFlight and FltPlan.com all in one package". AvPlan provides detailed performance modelling to optimize fuel usage and airspeeds, aircraft loading and altitude, and route optimisation.

AvPlan EFB’s capabilities ensure that it can meet the needs of pilots flying planes from Light Sport Aircraft through to large rotary and fixed wing turbines. In particular, pilots of high performance aircraft enjoy the ability to model their aircraft performance accurately and perform fuel and loading calculations with ease.

Bevan Anderson said AvPlan was the perfect tool for both professional and recreational pilots. “AvPlan can take you from an intention to a filed IFR flight plan in just a few minutes,” he said.

“Today, tablets are such sophisticated computers that AvPlan is all you need to plan your flight and then fly your plan. AvPlan’s moving map capabilities, including the integration of all relevant IFR and VFR charts into a single ‘mega chart’ for each flying mode, gives you capabilities that exceed those available on the Multi-Function Device in an advanced aircraft cockpit.”

As well as automatically maintaining the latest available maps and charts on the iPad, AvPlan uses Internet access to automatically download and interpret current weather forecasts for optimal route planning and to calculate the most time and fuel-efficient flight altitudes.  AvPlan also includes Cloud features that allow multiple devices to easily share flight plans and aircraft data models.

AvPlan’s licensing permits a single subscriber to use the software on three devices – allowing a pilot to carry a primary iPad, a backup iPad and to have a second backup literally ‘in their pocket’ because AvPlan can run happily on an iPhone.

AvPlan also steps pilots through the pre-flight checklist including weather, Weight and Balance, fuel calculations and restricted zone status checking. The software allows a pilot to file their flight plan electronically with air traffic control directly from within the app. It will then construct a PDF document package containing all of the relevant flight documents needed for that flight, including flight plan, flight plan confirmation from ATC, Weight and Balance, fuel calculations, weather forecasts and all relevant airport charts for the planned route flown.

A particularly useful feature for Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) pilots is the advanced capability to automatically calculate optimal IFR routes for the planned flight. The pilot can choose the route that best meets their needs and then simply use ‘drag and drop’ to modify that route directly on the map.

The AvPlan software is free to download, which includes an automatic 30-day trial data access period. Ongoing use is based on subscribing annually for required chart and map data. Pilots can subscribe to their choice of VFR charts, IFR charts and IFR instrument departure and approach plates.

Whereas a full set of US paper charts and documents can cost hundreds of dollars a year, an AvPlan subscription starts from just $75 for a VFR version. The IFR module costs $60 a year more. AvPlan offers customer support by telephone and email.

For more information, contact AvPlan on +1 614 586 1711 or email sales@avpla-efb.com.

About AvPlan www.avplan-efb.com

AvPlan is an iOS app developed by a pilot-owned company that designs and delivers mobile applications by pilots for pilots. AvPlan simplifies the aviation experience by creating an Air Traffic Control-compliant Electronic Flight Plan on your tablet device in just minutes, eliminating the time-consuming complexity and cost of developing flight plans based on paper maps and tables. Designed to meet the high standards of professional pilots, AvPlan is affordable for and easily used by any pilot, whether they’re in the cockpit of a Cessna or a 747.

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