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Meredith McGuire collected us at the San Antonio airport and drove us out the lovely home she shares with husband Jim Spickard.  I had taken Meredith and Jim to Baby Dreaming, Arnhem Land some years before, and we'd stayed in touch.  Now I was to lecture at Trinity University where Meredith was Professor of Sociology and Anthropology.


Several American airlines now have a policy of charging for checked luggage.  And so many passengers take extra luggage into the cabin.  This means that unless one is on the plane first, locker space is often already taken.  This meant that on the flight to Omaha, Nebraska, our hand luggage had to be stored in a locker away from us.  This worried me as we had all our camera and recording gear as well as my PhD questionnaires in our bags.

Dean Calvert's smart carMicrosoft Gold Certified Partner Calvert Technologies has invested in “greening” its operations by buying a Mercedes smart car to reduce carbon emissions produced by its staff making service calls.

Calvert has purchased the Mercedes smart fourtwo coupe, powered by a new micro hybrid drive (mhd). The $25,000 car is driven by Calvert’s field technicians, who attend client sites to install new equipment and address issues that cannot be resolved remotely

Managing director Dean Calvert said the new car handled very well. “The decision to buy the smart car was driven by a beautiful blend of pragmatism and idealism,” he said.


On April 14 we flew back to California to deliver two more lectures. Again we stayed at Muriel?s house in La Canada.  The first was to the Pasadena Audubon Society.  As before, some previous clients who had become friends joined us there, and it was a very convivial meeting. As in my other lectures to Audubon societies  I covered some of the other fauna and flora of the Top End, some of my background and that of my family, both Aboriginal and otherwise.