UltraServe logoFounded in 2000, UltraServe was the first dedicated cloud hosting company in Australia. In late 2013 UltraServe established itself as a global, scalable, market leader in Hybris IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. By specialising in e-commerce applications, and by working with AWS as its cloud infrastructure partner, UltraServe has established a unique and compelling competitive position. UltraServe’s proprietary SmartStack software technology provides a fast, reliable and resilient way to provision and maintain an e-commerce suite in the cloud. UltraServe can provision a customer e-commerce platform in minutes. For more about UltraServe, visit www.ultraserve.co

UltraServe CEO Samuel YeatsManaged cloud services provider UltraServe accelerates its sales drive into Asia next week on an invitation-only tour with hybris, the world’s fastest-growing commerce platform provider.

Hybris, an SAP company, last October welcomed Sydney-based UltraServe into its hybris Extend program, an online marketplace that makes it easy for its clients to integrate quality hybris-certified solutions. UltraServe is the program’s only Infrastructure and Platform as a Service provider.

UltraServe CEO Samuel Yeats will use the hybris alliance to strengthen the company’s push into Asia with a presentation to hybris clients and partners in Korea on Tuesday, April 7. He will also discuss new regional projects with an existing client, followed by visits to China and Hong Kong.

UltraServe Platforms Manager Troy FisherUltraServe has unveiled a globally unique innovation that allows its hybris Platform as a Service (PaaS), SmartStack, to scale automatically to meet ramping customer demand based on social media activity.

Coinciding with this week’s hybris Global Summit in Germany, UltraServe’s breakthrough enables its cloud-delivered infrastructure to pre-emptively scale before demand starts growing. SmartStack Social Scaling is made available exclusively for the hybris commerce platform.

UltraServe Platforms Manager Troy Fisher said a complex commerce application configured for traditional auto-scaling could take as long as 10-20 minutes to scale up after a wave of demand started growing. “During high traffic campaigns such as those driven by ads on TV, you have just seconds to respond,” he said.

UltraServe CEO Samuel YeatsManaged cloud services company UltraServe expects faster local and global growth after becoming a managed public cloud provider for hybris software, the world’s fastest-growing commerce platform provider.

Sydney-based UltraServe is an Infrastructure and Platform as a Service provider within the hybris Extend program, the online marketplace that makes it easy for hybris clients to select quality solutions. Hybris is an SAP company.

UltraServe CEO and founder Samuel Yeats said the hybris Extend listing was part of the company’s international outreach. “Recently, we’ve signed up new customers in New Zealand and London, so hybris Extend is a key part of our strategy to get greater traction in the rest of Europe, the Americas and of course, continue to expand our footprint into Asia,” he said.