AvSoft CEO Bevan AndersonThe internationally successful AvPlan software, which lets pilots replace bulky documentation and messy maps with an iPad, is now available in an entry-level version for Android devices.

The flagship AvPlan EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) is an iOS app that dramatically simplifies the process of preparing aircraft flight plans. Thousands of pilots in Australia, New Zealand and the United States already use AvPlan EFB.

Developed by AvSoft during the past nine months, the entry-level Android version, AvPlan Lite, has been tested by pilots in all three countries.

AvSoft CEO Bevan Anderson said Android provided a whole new platform for the AvPlan software. “We’re committed to keeping up the pace on iOS, but recognise many pilots are choosing Android devices,” he said.

“AvPlan Lite is an entry-level, easy-to-use and low-cost EFB for Android devices that we will enhance over time with advanced features already on our flagship iOS platform.”

Now available in the Google Play Store, AvPlan Lite 1.0 for Android https://www.avsoft.com.au/avplan/avplan-lite-1-0-for-android-now-available/ is a simple-to-use EFB, suitable for all pilots. AvPlan Lite is compatible with Android 4.1 and above.

AvPlan Lite provides an EFB on an Android tablet, saving a large amount of space and weight, and proving more useful than physical maps due to automatic scroll, pan and zoom functions as you fly. As you zoom in to major airports, AvPlan Lite automatically switches to the appropriate higher resolution IFR or VFR charts for those high-density areas.

AvPlan Lite provides a 'moving map' function for in-flight use - so that your current position is shown on the map along with orientation and speed. The software also allows pilots to plot a 'direct to' path from where they are to any designated spot elsewhere on the map.

AvPlan Lite is a free download from the Google Play Store, including one month of free access to the full suite of EFB documents and maps. Beyond the trial period, subscriptions for AvPlan Lite with automatic document and map updates are available for just $69 per year in Australia.AvPlan Lite subscriptions are available from AvSoft’s online stores:

Users with a current annual AvPlan EFB subscription can use AvPlan Lite at no extra cost.

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About AvPlan http://www.avsoft.com.au/

AvPlan EFB is an iOS app developed by AvSoft Australia Pty Ltd, an Australian company that designs and delivers mobile applications by pilots for pilots. AvSoft’s flagship product, AvPlan EFB, simplifies the aviation experience by creating an Air Traffic Control-compliant Electronic Flight Plan on your tablet device in just minutes, eliminating the time-consuming complexity and cost of developing flight plans based on paper maps and tables. Designed to meet the high standards of professional pilots, AvPlan is both affordable and easily used by any pilot, whether they’re in the cockpit of a Cessna or a Dreamliner.

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