Robyn LeeAdelaide-based marketer Robyn Lee has launched a new business that aims to show people how to beat the negative effects of stress through education and knowledge.

Called Evolving Skills, the business seeks to empower people with practical tools and techniques to manage stress for resilience once and for all, using highly supportive and practical programs in relaxation, stress management and the science of positive psychology.

Tonight, at the Hackney Hotel, College Park, Robyn, along with an Adelaide CBD Naturopath, will open up the conversation in the seminar, Stress Less Au Naturel on how to beat stress naturally from the inside out.

Robyn said the cost of stress claims in the Australian workplace doubled during the 10 years from 1997-2007 *. “Drinking, drugs and distractions are deceptive and destructive ways to deal with stress,” she said.

“Our seminar will offer practical and useful tips that range from specific foods and herbs to incorporate in meals, through to learning practical techniques to begin training your body and brain to relax on command.

As a Qualified meditation teacher and holistic counsellor and with a private sector background working and travelling across three continents for over 20 years, Robyn has developed insight into stress and its effects in the workplace. Via her training and education, Robyn uses a wide range of tools and accelerated learning techniques to support her clients and students address issues such as;

  • learning how to switch off when desired,
  • develop more focus and concentration and 
  • incorporate more wellbeing into their lives on a daily basis.

Underlying her mission is to assist in making the workplace the primary source for wellbeing in line with SA’s campaign to build the world's first “state for wellbeing”, under Dr Martin Seligman's recently launched strategic proposal, sanctioned by the SA Department of Premier and Cabinet.

The Stress Less Au Naturel seminar will also provide the opportunity to find out more about future Evolving Skills program dates. Limited last minute tickets are available at $30 pp. For ticket, please contact Robyn  on 0434 540 110 or

For more information, visit

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