Tony BrownbillAn Adelaide couple with a track record of pioneering public Internet access has opened the doors of, the city’s first fully automated, 24-hour-a-day DVD rental store.

SA’s first Glued outlet, located at 41 North East Road, Collinswood, is a state-of-the-art operation that replaces miles of aisles with an Italian-designed disk-dispensing machine that works with the ease and convenience of an ATM. As well as around-the-clock, member-only access, the secure, automated store has monitored video surveillance for customer safety.

Along with thousands of DVDs, Glued Collinswood offers its members the ability to browse and reserve available titles over the Internet, making sure the DVD they want is available before they get in the car. The store also offers around-the-clock access to Internet kiosks, which can browse available titles for free and also have full Internet access on a pay-for-use basis.

Tony Brownbill and Megan Edwards, who previously ran Hindley Street’s Wireless Café – SA’s longest running Internet café – decided to set up the ground-breaking Glued Collinswood operation as SA’s first Glued franchisee after feeling frustrated by traditional video stores.

“We were tired of video stores closing early, of waiting in queues and frustrated that all the new releases were hired out,” explains Tony, who like Megan is a movie buff.

“We saw the opportunity for a 24/7 fully automated DVD store in the heart of Adelaide. Even better we loved that we could offer our members the ability to reserve movies from home and the office.”

Tony has been at the forefront of providing public Internet access to South Australians for more than a decade through his involvement with Wireless Café and other IT ventures, Megan brings experience from more than 16 years working and lecturing in the hospitality industry.

Glued CollinswoodAlthough Tony and Megan have launched the automated DVD-dispensing breakthrough in Adelaide, this innovation is clearly the way of the future based on the European experience, where disk-dispensers are mainstream and conventional “bricks & mortar” stores are rare.

The versatile dispenser accepts membership cards, credit cards and cash. Powerful backend software provides detailed analysis of customer preferences and trends, to assist with planning.

Glued Collinswood also offers its members the incentive of attractive time-based pricing, with latest-release videos available for as little as $2 a DVD – every day! The client is charged for the rental upon return of the video, when the dispenser calculates the rental period.

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Glued Collinswood is Adelaide’s first 24/7 fully automated DVD store. As well as an extensive range of low-priced, late-release DVDs, Glued Collinswood offer

s around-the-clock access to Internet kiosks. For more information and Glued franchise inquiries, visit the Glued website at  Further local information can also be found by selecting Collinswood.
Glued Collinswood is a locally-owned franchise of the national Glued organisation in Melbourne.
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