Simon Hackett(This post is based on a piece first published in Business Spectator).

In a recent online article (, Senator Conroy took on his critics regarding the current Australian Government mandatory Internet censorship policy.

I feel that its important to highlight some of his statements, and then provide some analysis of each of them.

I’ll quote from the opinion piece, and respond to each quotation, in turn:

Simon  HackettAt last, 2010 is the year of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) for Australia – due to the convergence of on-demand video content and fast network access.

After years of threatening to arrive, IPTV is now an inevitable event with many players lining up to give Foxtel a run for its money with broadband-based alternatives. Consumers will win due to increased commercial access to legal, Video on Demand (VoD) content in Australia.

Simon HackettSimon Hackett offers is a short, high level, view of the issues in Australia at this time, the ones that he feels actually matter, in the ongoing ‘debate’ (more like ‘media shouting match about the wrong issues’) being engaged in by Telstra about their current re-heating of the need to urgently construct a re-monopolising FTTN network in Australia. This article is republished, with permission, from Simon's personal blog