Simon Hackett (left) with VAF founder Philip VafiadisIconic Adelaide loudspeaker manufacturer VAF Research is aiming for strong growth this year with a high profile presence at WOMADelaide, innovative new products and the backing of Simon Hackett.

The Kent Town-based company will provide WOMADelaide attendees with welcome respite from the heat and bustle of the four-day festival in the large comfortable VAF Listening Lounge, which will stream live music from WOMADelaide’s Foundation Stage and the Moreton Bay Stage on high-fidelity VAF loudspeakers.

The lounge will offer free high-speed WiFi access and free phone-charging facilities plus a Combi Coffee van to recharge your batteries. VAF umbrellas and VAF ‘bumboxes’ will give the brand high visibility throughout Botanic Park. WOMADelaide runs from Friday, March 11 to Monday, March 14.

VAF Research founder Philip Vafiadis, who is chairman of business innovation specialist Innovyz and also co-founded Zen Energy Systems, said 2016 was shaping up as a great year for the company. “We have big plans for this year, starting with WOMADelaide,” he said.

“VAF has a legacy of sound innovation such as our flagship Signature speakers and pioneering SoundWall systems, so we will continue creating new category-defining products this year.

“We’ve also relaunched VAF as a national brand, with a presence in Melbourne already plus plans to enlarge our network of specialist audiophile resellers throughout Australia during the rest of this year.”

Founded in 1978, VAF Research has built a reputation for producing loudspeakers that deliver unparalleled audio quality. In a review, Rolling Stone magazine described VAF speakers as “the ultimate in high fidelity performance with the best bass in the world”.

Technology entrepreneur Simon Hackett, who has invested in an extensive portfolio of innovative Australian businesses, said he decided to invest in VAF Research after buying a pair of the company’s speakers. “The clarity of sound is simply outstanding,” he said.

“In a world dominated by the convenience of listening to music on smartphones or cheap wireless speakers, listening to your favourite music on VAF loudspeakers is like stepping into one of the great concert halls of Europe - every sound is crystal clear.

“WOMADelaide is a great venue for VAF speakers, which are fantastic at reproducing the sounds of live concerts. They are the ultimate speakers for listening to World Music.

“We’ve expanded the team at VAF to bring in new skills to enable this iconic Adelaide audio technology to take its rightful place on the national stage. Watch this space.”

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About VAF Research

VAF Research is a privately-owned Australian company that builds great loudspeakers based on a design philosophy that ensures more natural and accurate sound reproduction. Tens of thousands of individual owners throughout Australia and the world use VAF loudspeakers to bring their stereo and home theatre systems to life. VAF loudspeakers have been chosen by The Conservatory of Music (Elder Hall), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Microsoft, School of Audio Engineering, Telstra, Kojo Productions and Parliament House Canberra. In 1998, VAF loudspeakers were selected by the Adelaide Festival Centre for what was then the world’s largest electro-acoustic system. With its head office in Adelaide, VAF offers specialised service from a team of great people who are passionate about giving you the best possible listening experience.

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