Redflow Executive Chairman Simon Hackett

Brisbane-based Redflow reports it will launch its residential energy storage offering in late March, including details of the appearance, pricing and performance of its home batteries.

In an announcement to the ASX yesterday, Redflow (ASX:RFX) also stated that it expects its residential offering to be applicable for international markets.

Following the completion of a successful end user trial in Africa, Redflow CEO Stuart Smith said the trial had met the objective of delivering reliable power in an unreliable energy grid environment.

“After the success of this trial, done in conjunction with our integrator in Africa, Specialised Solar Systems (SSS), the customer has confirmed its intention to move to a full commercial roll out at the trial site, with similar systems expected to be rolled out at as many as seven other sites,” he said.

“The full commercial roll out for this trial site, and the further sites, is expected to require 50–150 batteries in total, depending on the load requirement at each site.

“Redflow has already received an order from SSS for 12 batteries to be used in a commercial installation in Africa separate to that mentioned above. In addition, we continue to receive smaller commercial orders for our batteries.”

2016 is shaping up as a watershed year for Redflow, which is on track to complete its manufacturing transition to global giant Flextronics by the end of February. Redflow’s manufacturing agreement with Flextronics will remove any bottlenecks from delivering even the largest orders.  Battery production will begin ramping up after the successful completion of trial production runs in March and April.

Redflow Executive Chairman Simon Hackett said development of the company’s residential plug-and-play solutions built around Redflow’s unique flow batteries was progressing well. “Our residential product is on track for launch in March with first installations by June,” he said.

“Our goal is to deliver a battery that can be deployed rapidly on site with simple system integration. To support the retail delivery of energy systems using our batteries, we’re already working with installer partners to deploy initial ‘exemplar’ residential installations in a variety of settings.

"Product information at the launch will include pictures of the new Redflow external battery enclosure and its use in a residential context, performance specifications and system pricing examples.

“We will also introduce our first installation partners, outline integration testing with inverter/charger products and release the first Redflow Battery Management System, a browser-based tool to commission, configure, and interface our battery with multiple commercial inverters. We’ll welcome interest from further integration/installation organisations around Australia after the launch.

“We’ve already performed successful integration testing with products from Victron Energy while integration testing with various other inverter/charger products is underway.

“We’re seeing substantial interest in the residential deployment of our batteries from our own shareholder base and, as advised at our AGM, we intend to offer shareholders a discount to support the initial phase of the product launch.”

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About Redflow

Redflow is a market leader, as one of the first companies to install fully operational and functional Zinc-Bromide Module (ZBM) batteries into a range of stationary energy applications. Redflow ensures continuous product innovation in our flagship R&D centre in Brisbane, which is part of our global presence, including Redflow offices in the US and Europe. Redflow batteries are manufactured by the world’s second largest manufacturing company, Flextronics. Our flow battery is sold, installed and maintained through our global network of system integrators. For more about Redflow, visit

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