Redflow Chairman Simon HackettRedflow ZBM cost reduced by over 50% to US$0.20/kWh and extends reach to include homes and SMEs

ASX-listed power storage specialist Redflow Ltd today announces it will deliver its innovative batteries for residential and small business energy storage systems by early 2016.

While still pursuing telco sector opportunities, Redflow is developing a companion Battery Management System (BMS) to simplify installing and managing its batteries at smaller sites.

Development of the BMS will be guided by newly elected Redflow Chairman Simon Hackett, with the first version of this device expected to hit the market early in the first quarter of 2016.

Redflow made these announcements today in a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange that outlined a number of initiatives to address longer than expected sales cycles.

Simon Hackett said the decisions announced today would expand the market segments addressed by Redflow at just the right time. “The residential and SME markets are currently hot sectors for power storage which Redflow is well equipped to supply,” he said.

“Redflow has received substantial direct interest from potential customers asking us to enter these market segments with our products. Our decision to build a ‘plug and play’ BMS unit will enable the simple integration of our batteries into multiple energy storage systems, allowing us to supply this much broader market.

“Selling Redflow batteries for residential and SME customers will create a new revenue stream that can augment the longer sales cycles of our existing telco and grid-scale energy storage markets.”

Redflow is an Australian company that designs Zinc Bromide Module (ZBM) batteries which are manufactured in North America by global scalable manufacturing giant Flextronics. The company has sold trial quantities of batteries in various world markets, and is now conducting ongoing field trials in Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Redflow ZBM batteries are distinguished by their ability to be 100 per cent charged and discharged each day, without any damage to the battery. Most other battery technologies risk being damaged or completely destroyed when operated in this way.

ZBMs can also be fully charged and then placed on indefinite standby or fully discharged for extended periods without any performance degradation or battery damage.

Other initiatives announced today by Redflow include the full outsourcing of its manufacturing to Flextronics; improved performance and reduced prices; and a new 10-year energy throughput warranty for the electrode stack, the core component of the ZBM batteries.

Through these improvements, Redflow has reduced the nominal Levelised Cost Of Energy (LCOE) for energy delivered by ZBM2 and ZBM3 batteries by more than 50 per cent to circa 20 cents US per kilowatt hour, based on an expected 40,000 kWh electrode stack lifetime.

Redflow’s first supported deployment of ZBM products into the residential and SME sectors will use inverter/charger products from European manufacturer, Victron Energy ( These innovative and technically capable products are electrically approved and widely deployed by system integrators around the world.

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About Redflow

Redflow is a market leader, being one of the first companies to install fully operational and functional zinc-bromide modules (ZBMs) into a range of stationary energy applications. Redflow ensure continuous product innovation in our flagship R&D centre, located in Brisbane, Australia. The R&D centre is part of our global presence with Redflow offices located in the USA and EU. The ZBM is manufactured by the second largest global manufacturing company, Flextronics. Our ZBM battery is sold, integrated and maintained through our global list of System Integrators. More information can be found at

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