Gordon KaySoftware entrepreneur Gordon Kay has launched a new venture, coaching business owners on how to avoid the potholes on the road to success.

Drawing on Gordon's more than three decades in business, Doing Biz designs and delivers programs that equip business owners to gain relevant and practical skills, business knowledge and confidence to take their business to the next level.

Gordon started working with business owners in the early 2000 via the City of West Torrens after a request from the local Business Enterprise Centre (BEC).  This progressed to roles with the SA Department of Trade and Economic Development, Department of Primary Industries and Resources of South Australia and other BEC groups.  At the time, Gordon was running his company ESS (Engineering Software Solutions), developer of the successful Steelbuilder platform which he has since sold.

Gordon said he established Doing Biz to meet a need in the business community. "In more recent times, the small end of business has been neglected in terms of development support, particularly for the owners of the business," he said.

"What many business owners need is a degree of confidence and knowhow to grow or even make their business profitable. It's a concern knowing that nearly 50 per cent of Australian business are only surviving in today's economy as a result of the owners using personal credit and / or assets to prop up their business and keep staff employed.

"Many micro businesses hit the black hole stage where any profits suddenly disappear and the next growth burst becomes a long stressful drawn out process. Simply put, the business has outgrown the owner's capability to control.  

"Systems and technology are a must-do investment when new employees come onboard. Through a process of coaching, the owner starts to realise the important of implementing a few basic and consistent rules for themselves and their growing team.

"Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of working with a number of business owners, many of which have seen steady and rewarding growth and profit margins."

Gordon said the major change was the realisation of what the business's products or services allow their customers to do.  "I tell business owners that marketing is not about the business, it's all about the customer," he said.

"With this insight, communication starts to change in website copy, use of social media and even when talking with a customer."

For more information about Doing Biz, call Gordon Kay on 0400 645 409 or visit http://www.doingbiz.com.au 

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