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Impress Media Australia is an Adelaide-based Public Relations agency that specialises in communicating the business value delivered by technology. As well as publishing press releases on its high visibility website, Impress Media also releases announcements on its Twitter and Facebook pages. For more information about Impress Media Australia, visit or email

Impress Media Australia has completed the $100,000 “green” renovation of its office building in Norwood by installing 26 solar panels on its northern roof.

The 4.94-kilowatt system, comprising an array of 26 190-watt Suntech photovoltaic panels and an SMA SunnyBoy 5000TL inverter, is expected to pay for itself through reduced power costs within five years.

As well as producing power for offices in the 120-year old, six-room Norwood villa, the solar system will feed electricity to the South Australian grid during weekends and public holidays.

Impress Media Australia is an Adelaide-based public relations agency that specialises in providing media communication services for technology companies and fast-growing businesses.

Impress Media Australia founder and managing director John Harris said the solar panels were the final stage of a renovation project that started when he bought the property in 1999. “We’ve turned a drafty old building into a state-of-the-art office,” he said.

Impress Media Australia has slashed more than $500 from its annual power bill by replacing 80 fluorescent globes and tubes with LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting at its office.

The lighting overhaul also eliminates the need to regularly clamber up and down stepladders to change light globes as LED lights are predicted to last for 50,000 hours each – that’s more than 24 years of 40-hour working weeks!

While LEDs have replaced incandescent and fluorescent bulbs for many uses, such as traffic lights, flashlights and reading lamps in recent, the availability of compact fluorescent bulbs and fittings increasingly make them the best long-term choice for commercial and even residential lighting.

Impress Media passes a major milestone today – May 27 marks the 20th anniversary of John Harris registering South Australia’s first PR agency to specialise in IT. Back in May 1991, John had the idea that there might be a crust in setting up a public relations agency that focussed in communicating the benefits delivered by technology.

He stuck his toe in the water by writing a first press release for QikDraw Systems, an Adelaide-based CAD software firm run by the amiable Peter Chan. After that, he did a survey gauging the industry interest in an IT PR service: Of the 100 local computer companies surveyed, an amazing one third actually replied.

In the subsequent two decades, Impress Media has seen the public relations industry transform from a typewriter and fax-powered industry to the cornucopia of communication that exists today. In that time, Impress Media has provided services for clients ranging from global companies including CA, Sun, Microsoft and IBM to Australian successes such as Internode, PCRange, EBS and Virtual Ark. John Harris also wrote the computer section for The Advertiser for six years and remains a technology commentator for ABC Radio.